Thursday, 30 July 2009

Decor of the month (and a little about tennis)

A great new idea: A "Decor of the month" from Vent du Sud for an incredibly low price!

See, it all started with a game of tennis with one of the creators at Vent du Sud, Menthal Oh. Tennis in SL is fun...when you get the hang of it. Pop over and take a look: Sun's Domain.
(Great place to dance too, by the way - I'll get around to blogging about it more at some point)

So, in front of a massive crowd (of a seagull and a friend), I quickly discovered that it would have been a very good plan to practice first.
Obviously, I got well and truly thrashed but it was a whole lot of fun, so thanks anyway, Menthal (and the seagull who I know was rooting for me).

Well, what's a girl to do in the face of such a defeat? I thought of putting his rent up (I'm mean at times) but instead, coaxed him into working on a whole new idea, and one we're going to repeat every month.
The idea? A room with co-ordinating furniture, textures, on a theme. Menthal's is, I'd say, "classy but cosy". You can buy the whole lot for just 300L. (including, in no particular order):
- an amazing couch with animations,
- bonsai,
- STUNNING artwork (two "triple sets"),
- table with orchid arrangement,
- rug,
- candles,
- standard lamp,
-curtains (open-close, adjustable),
- two armchairs with animations,
- bookshelf,
- and a fireplace (flames on/off)
Incredibly crafted, beautifully detailed, like all his work. Or, of course, everything can be bought separately too (and at low prices). The curtains? Geek's, of course and so easily modifiable to any window.

Find it close to the square - and of course drop in and see our equally classy clothes, or take a dip in the pool.
And a last note: we are all having great fun at Vent du Sud so a huge thanks to all our visitors, whether they come to buy or just to spend a few minutes enjoying our little spot of the Mediterranean!

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