Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Vent du sud - celebrating Bastille day

Vent du sud and the French national holiday!

It's so hot in my part of France that this is just a quick post to say we've put out a flag, some lavender, some sunflowers and apparently another great surprise - for just 1L each, and just for 48 hours, to celebrate Bastille day.

We've also added some great, romantic poseballs around the place, so come try them out - plus some floating mattresses in the pool and places to sit and dip your feet in (plus - also just for a couple of days) some FREE bikinis.

And last but not least, a friend - Joey Dhara - has put his amazing ice cream cart for sale for the incredible price of 190L - it's on the square. You can wear it and drive it around, select your favourite flavour, and then go put your feet up, cool down in the water, or dive from the top of the dunes.

I'm off to take a RL swim, so - celebrate le quatorze with us at Vent du Sud - hope to see you there later!

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