Sunday, 19 July 2009

Fire 'n Lights - Menthal Oh

It can be fairly intimidating at times: three out of the four other creators at Vent du Sud are men.

Creatures of method and logic, this trio, quite apart from being insanely talented. However, they are also modest, helpful (to math-challenged, illogical moi), and have a sense of humour. This helps.

One of them is Menthal Oh. He's French (like the others, but they all speak English).

Snappy dresser too.

He dropped an AO that played Thriller on a loop in front of his store yesterday. I threatened him with punishment, but instead I'm going to make him blush.

See, he's never had a store before. He's built superb stuff for dozens of friends, though. NICE stuff. So I bullied... er... persuaded him to give it a try. He then proceeded to do miracles with the miserable 100 prims I so generously gave him (heh). So yep, he does far more than stunning fires and lights.

The result (apart from a classy, welcome addition to the place?

a) he charges ridiculously low prices for extraordinarily pretty, incredibly well-crafted "Fire 'n lights" as he calls his store (but great art work to).

b) he (and the rest of us) have a lot of fun being silly in the pool, on the dance floor (no more Thriller, OK?) and rezzing the wackier things in our inventory.

So please, drop in. The guy needs people to know about his stuff, and spread the word.

Even if you don't need a fire, or some stunning lighting, the address is a keeper. And if you want something made to fit your own corner of SL, he's the perfect choice for custom work!

PS: (and he doesn't know this yet). Anybody who makes a purchase after seeing the blog, tell him, and he will send you a GIFT. N'est-ce pas, Menthal?

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Gradite Questi said...

We may soon have to install some traffic signs at Vent du Sud if the Vespa races become a regular event! Had a great time this morning and Menthal's new firepit is perfect! At this price, he is almost giving them away!