Monday, 13 July 2009

Rett Gentil

Rett's "feathers"
Rett Gentil Original Creations at Vent du Sud

I met Rett a few days after I first logged into SL, and we've been friends ever since. We both knew we wanted to make things, and we battled through anything from 'which boxes do you tick to sell this?' to renting a tiny store together (we called it 'Two classy broads") or the ups and downs of SL in general.

We've sworn never to have anything to do with men again - fortunately at different times. And both changed our minds.

We've both branched out a little, too, but we still chat, laugh and grumble virtually every day. Best of all, we've developed together, doing two completely different things.

So - naturally - she's part of Vent du Sud.

Thing is (and I know she won't kill me for saying so), a lot of her stuff just isn't me. She makes great gowns. Nobody has an eye for detail like Rett, and her clothes move beautifully. I'm just not the short, wide skirt or classical gown type. Or the bright colours type. But I know quality when I see it.

A couple of weeks ago, though, she casually dropped this into my inventory, saying 'try this, Ari'.

It moves wonderfully. It looks superb worn. It will be dragged out of my inventory regularly, or at least when I get out of my jeans. I am going to nag her to make more of these sleeker, sober, elegant little numbers.

Another of Rett's strengths is her customer service. Seriously, that woman will drop anything, immediately, to help her clients. It's part of her.

She also loves to do custom versions of things. A name on a cowboy hat? Sure. A different colour, length, a special wedding dress? Rett disappears to her work platform and works on it, tweaks it, and then tweaks it some more until it's exactly what the person wants.

No, she's not the cheapest designer on SL (but by no means the most expensive). But you get what you pay for - quality. Class. And genuine good service. Some things are worth it, no?

So drop in to her store at Vent du sud, right opposite the teleport. If you see her, tell her I sent you (she has a great freebie out and is generous with her customers too - hint).

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Emerald Wynn said...

Oh, gorgeous!! Thank you for this introduction.