Wednesday, 22 July 2009

It's curtains...

Well, if you're across the Pond, it's drapes, of course.

So no, not curtains in a bad way. In fact a very GOOD way. And exclusive to Vent du Sud!

Geek Back (yep, that's him down there, coaxed into posing by devious means) made these. Over 50 of them in every possible style, type, colour but the thing is they are SO easy to adapt to your windows thanks to a really user-friendly resize script (meaning even I can use it).

No de-linking, no stretching separate bits - it's a brilliant menu and a smooth, low-lag script.

These are such a bargain at 145L. They're 12 prims but they're also a statement piece. They swish open and closed most elegantly. Obviously, I failed totally at taking a photo mid-swish but go look for yourself, on the big vendors right by the pool (take your swimming togs along for a dip while you're at it, or buy them at Rett Gentil's place across the square).
Another thing: Geek will also make curtains of any texture you have or in any special coulours you need - you just have to ask.
So drop into Vent du Sud (and don't forget we provide personalised decor, building and scripting services too, as well as really classy clothes by two original creators)

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