Wednesday, 26 August 2009

90% off in a whole store full of stuff

First, yes I do mean 90% off: it's valid for everything in the Vent du Sud store next to the ice cream cart, for a day (or two, or three... but no more). It includes the fireplace, fountain, multi-anim cushions, rugs, great pottery, wall hangings, etc. Soon, that store will have an entirely new range of pretty things, and I need to get on with them.

In addition to that, we're all gearing up to fun things like an underwater expo and a 'back to school' month, which means I need to organise myself.

And it's just so easy to get distracted (and play Barbie, although hey, it's fun. As is chatting to great people).

But... sitting around watching waves is fine for a while. And then it's time to be a little more active and quit the navel-gazing.

So go pick up what's there before I think I've gone completely nuts.

Remember - next to the ice cream cart, right by the tp point. And pick that up too - it's at a great price, it's wearable and it's FUN (and it's colour-change). A great addition to any sim. Just pay the poster 190L and you can hand out ice cream to all your visitors (or wear it and ride it around if you can't spare the 36 prims!).
Just off to watch waves for a while. Really, just for a little while...

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