Wednesday, 5 August 2009

To the lighthouse!

Ever had those moment on SL where you just want a few minutes of peace and quiet? Either alone or with a friend?

Thought so, and me too. And one place I go sometimes, to watch the waves, to listen to them, to think, is the Vent du Sud lighthouse.

We put it there for just that - somewhere to relax. There's a rug upstairs for relaxing of the more, er, intimate kind too. And the place is there for anybody who feels like taking a little time out (or even to change clothes, sort inventory... up to you). Just feel free to use it - and you don't need to buy a thing.

If you DO want to buy something, however... today, I decided to pop a comfy seating corner with colour-change cushions and lots of anims in there, and to reduce it by 75% - to just 50L.
Then I got carried away and put the lighthouse itself on sale at 50% off too (for just 2 days). With the revolving light, and the doors, it's just 24 prims, and you can walk up the ladders to the upper floor or the higher decks and admire the sunset. Perfect for a first home or a great addition to larger land (it fits a 512). For 150L, it's really a bargain. Grab the box beside the door, and yell if you get tired of the ladders and want me (Ariadne Korda) to put you a tp in.
And last but not least, I put out a couple of freebies and dollarbies: a chest, lamp and nautical carpet

So come watch the waves, dance, and discover our guys weaving scripting magic (between getting carried away by an exciting new game - news of that later).
See you soon at Vent du Sud, where SL is all about having fun!

PS: if you catch Rett Gentil on the square, nag her to show you her latest dress and remind her I'm waiting for a photo, to show you yet another good reason to drop in!

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