Sunday, 23 August 2009

The classiest cowgirl in France?

Rett isn't online as I write this, but no, she still doesn't do sales. I do try now and then, and she does have a special offer lined up for next month. But I know when I'm beaten.

She does, however, have her very own take on the cowgirl look. These two outfits are definitely more for strutting your stuff on a dance floor than rounding up a few steers, but they're fun, and versatile.

Come check them out at her store in Vent du Sud - just to the left as you go in.
No, they're not cheap - but (I quote) "Ari, I don't do cheap". Ah, Rett. I love her to bits. Where would we be on Vent du Sud without our very own lady from the US?
There's plenty of cleavage, lovely soft, figure-hugging denim, detailed belt, pretty beading on the waistcoat /tee, although you could pop a tee underneath, or swap the
boots (which come with the outfit) for something more... less... well, up to you.

Anyhow, these are among Rett's best sellers, she tells me. AND.... (wait for it) she puts your name (or a friend's if you'd like to give it as a gift, it's transfer) for... free. And she gets it to you fast, too.

And if you haven't clicked her subscribo yet (there's a free dress for signing up) or grabbed her very smart grey beaded outfit which is her store gift, what are you waiting for?

Come browse, relax, swim, dance at Vent du Sud, and discover the classiest cowgirl ever to grace a French-themed sim!

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