Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Hot, lazy days, and introducing Fanny

Hot lazy me, too, lately. So excuses for the long post but I need to catch up a little!

At Vent du Sud we're gearing up for the end of summer. A whole lot of new, fun things to do and see are in the works, but these last few days I've been enjoying the sun and the peace both in RL and SL.
So here's an idea: come and spend a moment relaxing with us and enjoy a few things that make Vent du Sud so special - and spend absolutely nothing... or go mad and spend 1L on a fun pedal boat ride.
- The pedalo, or pedal boat (from the dock, 30 minutes for 1L)
- Swimming (the pool, or from the dock or the rocks - free)
- The lighthouse for those romantic moments à deux (free)
- Specials and freebies. Find them all over the sim. And just 1L in the tip jar basket makes a gift-wrapped aquarium appear. Or some pretty candles and stuff at tiny prices on the market stand
- A great free outfit at Rett Gentil's place
... and, of course, dance as the sun sets to great music, plus the soft sounds of waves and cigales. Ah, summer in the south!
And last but BY NO MEANS LEAST, grab a pastis (aniseed alcohol) and have a round of pétanque (French bowling). And before I go any further, Fanny is a) a fairly common French name, and b) tradition says if you lose by 13-0, you get to kiss her... er... cheek. Hence the poster. These "Fanny" boards are part of any self-respecting "boulodrome". Hmmm. This is France, as I'm often reminded, as I live there.
See, Geek Back has been weaving scripting magic again. He's developed the entire system (PING-PONG, Ari? Oh please. This is France. We can do better). So he did.
Ours gives out free HUDs, or you can buy the system (the whole system is just 350L including the bowls, the HUDs free for your friends, the pitch, and the scoreboard) to use at your own place, and earn 20%
commission if you sell it to others (networked system which is very clever and waaaay beyond my limited grasp of scripting).
Oh, and you get nice shiny... er... balls. It's right by the square. Just look for the oh-so-subtle poster here, next to the square.
It's easy, it's clever, and most of all it's a whole lot of fun although there's a little skill involved to get closest to the Jack ball (the 'little pig') - although obviously, that's all calculated by the system so no cheating! All the instructions are included with the (free) HUD.
Believe me, if I'm looking for the guys at Vent du Sud, they're usually over there. So come try it!

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