Friday, 7 August 2009

Rett Gentil - VERY special offer from She Who Does Not Do Sales

Life at Vent du Sud is never boring. Not with this crowd around.

One thing I love about Rett Gentil (among a lot of others) is that she frequently says 'no' when I nag her. It makes life so much more interesting...!
Some things, she won't give in. As in she doesn't do sales. She's really generous with her group, often gives people some great gifts when she sees them at the store, but sales? Nope. She makes new, classy items and quietly retires older ones, and that... is that.
'I do not do sales, Ari'. Period. And I admire her for it, even though she knows I don't agree. (Mind, on the other hand, she does SUPERB custom work and her clients just adore her for that... not to mention for her unique style).
However, what you see above is a small triumph. After wheedling and coaxing (and yes, OK, nagging), she agreed to put out one of her really pretty summer outfits at 30% off. It's two outfits in one, and 250L instead of 350L (for just two days, Ari....). I did try for 50% but... nope. ('My customers don't want to feel the clothes they wear are going to be sold off for peanuts, Ari')
Summery and with a sort of French feel, I suggested? (A girl can hope).
She came up with 'Bali sunset'.
Er.... OK. You can't win 'em all. Summery it is. Beautifully crafted it certainly is.
Go check it out at Vent du Sud! (And yep, only there... I do know when I'm getting a special favour!).
Love ya, Rett :)

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