Saturday, 22 August 2009

Bundles of bargains and delightful drapes!

Last night at Vent du Sud... a quiet moment in our special 'Decor of the Month'.

So, while we get ready for lots of surprises here, why not grab either the amazing value 300L package (a huge bundle of great furniture, art, lighting, etc.) with great animations, or the (incredibly low-priced) individual items from the Decor of the month (August) setting - right by the main square. Only a few days left!

I mean... superb artwork (from Menthal) at just 30L for a tryptich, scripted candles at 5L... it doesn't get much cheaper, particularly for such great, great quality. And we really care about that.

And if you need SL's most adaptable, simple, ONE-PRIM modifiable, tintable and copiable one-prim drapes / curtains, drop in to Vent du Sud opposite the TP point, made by yours truly.

Here's an example with a pale cream tint (the base is white) with the horizontal repeat set to 3.00. Those in my store (see below) are tinted blue and the horizontal texture repeat is set to 1.00. But it takes just seconds to change the colour, stretch...

But just think - you can embellish every single window, in whatever colour, shape or size you need ... and click your drapes open and closed on touch.

In fact, if you know the elements of building you can take these very same curtains and make them into a hollowed cylinder, stretch or cut, and you have circular ones, or to fit bay windows... there's no limit.

(Or ask me to make you a version tailored to your own windows - I'd be happy to help).

So at 150L, you can have an endless supply of sober yet stylish curtains!

And even if you don't want to buy anything, drop in and relax at Vent du Sud: a little slice of the Mediterranean populated by slightly crazy (sorry, guys) but extremely friendly designers, builders and scripters.

We're ALWAYS happy to discuss projects or custom work with you, so don't be shy. Oh, and bring your bikini!

Coming up tomorrow: Rett (who still doesn't do sales) and her popular cowgirl outfits... drop in and check it out already!

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