Monday, 31 August 2009

SL at its worst: help, anyone?

(this post also explains why there's still a sale at one of the Vent du Sud stores... no time to go put the normal prices back...!)
This is part of a build I did a while back: a 'community and retail' area for a lovely, mainly residential place that was recently bought out by one of the residents, and a friend of mine.
Sooo, last night Europe time, a good half of the houses, interiors, things in stores, etc. disappeared. Some things have been returned to 'lost and found'. Some haven't. On my own sim, a few weird things happened but not to this extent.
Whether it was SL's asset server in this case (I think so - I hope so), or whether somebody deposited a mass of junk that filled up the sim and meant that everything not set to the group was sent back - not sure yet. But, obviously, there are a lot of very upset residents and retailers. And yes of course things should have been set to the group but that's what happens when permissions, etc. aren't as carefully set up as they should be from the outset.
Yes, they've asked for a rollback but it's part of a mainland sim, meaning all other owners have to agree. If this doesn't happen, then we're all just hoping that people will be sympathetic and patient and not attack the new owner, who is completely distraught.
It will be fixed. Somehow. I'm hoping to enlist a few builder and decor-making friends to help replace anything 'lost', if the rollback doesn't happen.
And sure, I'd be really, really happy if any other builders / furniture makers would be prepared to help out by contributing a few things to people who have lost their stuff. If you feel you can help, then please, please let me know (Ariadne Korda) and I'll put you in touch with the owner and managers.
Yes, I know this probably sounds like some sort of scam. But it's not. The new owner is a lovely lady and is taking this really hard, so I'm appealing for a little solidarity. Not for money.
Thanks so much to anyone who is prepared to lend a hand.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

90% off in a whole store full of stuff

First, yes I do mean 90% off: it's valid for everything in the Vent du Sud store next to the ice cream cart, for a day (or two, or three... but no more). It includes the fireplace, fountain, multi-anim cushions, rugs, great pottery, wall hangings, etc. Soon, that store will have an entirely new range of pretty things, and I need to get on with them.

In addition to that, we're all gearing up to fun things like an underwater expo and a 'back to school' month, which means I need to organise myself.

And it's just so easy to get distracted (and play Barbie, although hey, it's fun. As is chatting to great people).

But... sitting around watching waves is fine for a while. And then it's time to be a little more active and quit the navel-gazing.

So go pick up what's there before I think I've gone completely nuts.

Remember - next to the ice cream cart, right by the tp point. And pick that up too - it's at a great price, it's wearable and it's FUN (and it's colour-change). A great addition to any sim. Just pay the poster 190L and you can hand out ice cream to all your visitors (or wear it and ride it around if you can't spare the 36 prims!).
Just off to watch waves for a while. Really, just for a little while...

Sunday, 23 August 2009

The classiest cowgirl in France?

Rett isn't online as I write this, but no, she still doesn't do sales. I do try now and then, and she does have a special offer lined up for next month. But I know when I'm beaten.

She does, however, have her very own take on the cowgirl look. These two outfits are definitely more for strutting your stuff on a dance floor than rounding up a few steers, but they're fun, and versatile.

Come check them out at her store in Vent du Sud - just to the left as you go in.
No, they're not cheap - but (I quote) "Ari, I don't do cheap". Ah, Rett. I love her to bits. Where would we be on Vent du Sud without our very own lady from the US?
There's plenty of cleavage, lovely soft, figure-hugging denim, detailed belt, pretty beading on the waistcoat /tee, although you could pop a tee underneath, or swap the
boots (which come with the outfit) for something more... less... well, up to you.

Anyhow, these are among Rett's best sellers, she tells me. AND.... (wait for it) she puts your name (or a friend's if you'd like to give it as a gift, it's transfer) for... free. And she gets it to you fast, too.

And if you haven't clicked her subscribo yet (there's a free dress for signing up) or grabbed her very smart grey beaded outfit which is her store gift, what are you waiting for?

Come browse, relax, swim, dance at Vent du Sud, and discover the classiest cowgirl ever to grace a French-themed sim!

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Bundles of bargains and delightful drapes!

Last night at Vent du Sud... a quiet moment in our special 'Decor of the Month'.

So, while we get ready for lots of surprises here, why not grab either the amazing value 300L package (a huge bundle of great furniture, art, lighting, etc.) with great animations, or the (incredibly low-priced) individual items from the Decor of the month (August) setting - right by the main square. Only a few days left!

I mean... superb artwork (from Menthal) at just 30L for a tryptich, scripted candles at 5L... it doesn't get much cheaper, particularly for such great, great quality. And we really care about that.

And if you need SL's most adaptable, simple, ONE-PRIM modifiable, tintable and copiable one-prim drapes / curtains, drop in to Vent du Sud opposite the TP point, made by yours truly.

Here's an example with a pale cream tint (the base is white) with the horizontal repeat set to 3.00. Those in my store (see below) are tinted blue and the horizontal texture repeat is set to 1.00. But it takes just seconds to change the colour, stretch...

But just think - you can embellish every single window, in whatever colour, shape or size you need ... and click your drapes open and closed on touch.

In fact, if you know the elements of building you can take these very same curtains and make them into a hollowed cylinder, stretch or cut, and you have circular ones, or to fit bay windows... there's no limit.

(Or ask me to make you a version tailored to your own windows - I'd be happy to help).

So at 150L, you can have an endless supply of sober yet stylish curtains!

And even if you don't want to buy anything, drop in and relax at Vent du Sud: a little slice of the Mediterranean populated by slightly crazy (sorry, guys) but extremely friendly designers, builders and scripters.

We're ALWAYS happy to discuss projects or custom work with you, so don't be shy. Oh, and bring your bikini!

Coming up tomorrow: Rett (who still doesn't do sales) and her popular cowgirl outfits... drop in and check it out already!

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Hot, lazy days, and introducing Fanny

Hot lazy me, too, lately. So excuses for the long post but I need to catch up a little!

At Vent du Sud we're gearing up for the end of summer. A whole lot of new, fun things to do and see are in the works, but these last few days I've been enjoying the sun and the peace both in RL and SL.
So here's an idea: come and spend a moment relaxing with us and enjoy a few things that make Vent du Sud so special - and spend absolutely nothing... or go mad and spend 1L on a fun pedal boat ride.
- The pedalo, or pedal boat (from the dock, 30 minutes for 1L)
- Swimming (the pool, or from the dock or the rocks - free)
- The lighthouse for those romantic moments à deux (free)
- Specials and freebies. Find them all over the sim. And just 1L in the tip jar basket makes a gift-wrapped aquarium appear. Or some pretty candles and stuff at tiny prices on the market stand
- A great free outfit at Rett Gentil's place
... and, of course, dance as the sun sets to great music, plus the soft sounds of waves and cigales. Ah, summer in the south!
And last but BY NO MEANS LEAST, grab a pastis (aniseed alcohol) and have a round of pétanque (French bowling). And before I go any further, Fanny is a) a fairly common French name, and b) tradition says if you lose by 13-0, you get to kiss her... er... cheek. Hence the poster. These "Fanny" boards are part of any self-respecting "boulodrome". Hmmm. This is France, as I'm often reminded, as I live there.
See, Geek Back has been weaving scripting magic again. He's developed the entire system (PING-PONG, Ari? Oh please. This is France. We can do better). So he did.
Ours gives out free HUDs, or you can buy the system (the whole system is just 350L including the bowls, the HUDs free for your friends, the pitch, and the scoreboard) to use at your own place, and earn 20%
commission if you sell it to others (networked system which is very clever and waaaay beyond my limited grasp of scripting).
Oh, and you get nice shiny... er... balls. It's right by the square. Just look for the oh-so-subtle poster here, next to the square.
It's easy, it's clever, and most of all it's a whole lot of fun although there's a little skill involved to get closest to the Jack ball (the 'little pig') - although obviously, that's all calculated by the system so no cheating! All the instructions are included with the (free) HUD.
Believe me, if I'm looking for the guys at Vent du Sud, they're usually over there. So come try it!

Friday, 7 August 2009

Rett Gentil - VERY special offer from She Who Does Not Do Sales

Life at Vent du Sud is never boring. Not with this crowd around.

One thing I love about Rett Gentil (among a lot of others) is that she frequently says 'no' when I nag her. It makes life so much more interesting...!
Some things, she won't give in. As in she doesn't do sales. She's really generous with her group, often gives people some great gifts when she sees them at the store, but sales? Nope. She makes new, classy items and quietly retires older ones, and that... is that.
'I do not do sales, Ari'. Period. And I admire her for it, even though she knows I don't agree. (Mind, on the other hand, she does SUPERB custom work and her clients just adore her for that... not to mention for her unique style).
However, what you see above is a small triumph. After wheedling and coaxing (and yes, OK, nagging), she agreed to put out one of her really pretty summer outfits at 30% off. It's two outfits in one, and 250L instead of 350L (for just two days, Ari....). I did try for 50% but... nope. ('My customers don't want to feel the clothes they wear are going to be sold off for peanuts, Ari')
Summery and with a sort of French feel, I suggested? (A girl can hope).
She came up with 'Bali sunset'.
Er.... OK. You can't win 'em all. Summery it is. Beautifully crafted it certainly is.
Go check it out at Vent du Sud! (And yep, only there... I do know when I'm getting a special favour!).
Love ya, Rett :)

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

To the lighthouse!

Ever had those moment on SL where you just want a few minutes of peace and quiet? Either alone or with a friend?

Thought so, and me too. And one place I go sometimes, to watch the waves, to listen to them, to think, is the Vent du Sud lighthouse.

We put it there for just that - somewhere to relax. There's a rug upstairs for relaxing of the more, er, intimate kind too. And the place is there for anybody who feels like taking a little time out (or even to change clothes, sort inventory... up to you). Just feel free to use it - and you don't need to buy a thing.

If you DO want to buy something, however... today, I decided to pop a comfy seating corner with colour-change cushions and lots of anims in there, and to reduce it by 75% - to just 50L.
Then I got carried away and put the lighthouse itself on sale at 50% off too (for just 2 days). With the revolving light, and the doors, it's just 24 prims, and you can walk up the ladders to the upper floor or the higher decks and admire the sunset. Perfect for a first home or a great addition to larger land (it fits a 512). For 150L, it's really a bargain. Grab the box beside the door, and yell if you get tired of the ladders and want me (Ariadne Korda) to put you a tp in.
And last but not least, I put out a couple of freebies and dollarbies: a chest, lamp and nautical carpet

So come watch the waves, dance, and discover our guys weaving scripting magic (between getting carried away by an exciting new game - news of that later).
See you soon at Vent du Sud, where SL is all about having fun!

PS: if you catch Rett Gentil on the square, nag her to show you her latest dress and remind her I'm waiting for a photo, to show you yet another good reason to drop in!

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Watching others work!

Yes, I know lots of people make bean bags. But as the boys are busy doing complicated scripty things at Vent du Sud (watch out for a great game coming up soon), I decided to put mine out and watch them wave their arms about and toss around a few expletives.
What's more, there are two animations for men in there (see the dark version (OK for the ladies too but maybe not in a short skirt...?).
I don't know about you but I hate to see a group of people all sitting in the same pose. So this one-prim wonder has four (or was it five?) shades of suede, and four animations. And I'm selling it for... 20L instead of the usual 70 (it's transfer - if you'd like a copy version or other colours, just ask me, Ariadne Korda).
Had to celebrate, see. My daughter passed her driving test on Friday, and yesterday was the Swiss national holiday (RL man is Swiss).
So drop by and pick one up (and just ignore two guys waving their arms around and talking scriptese and hoping I'll just sit quietly and not make useless suggestions.
Hope to see you soon at Vent du Sud!