Monday, 3 January 2011

52 weeks of colour, silver: Vent du Sud goes underground

Ah silver. I tend not to do 'shiny' that much (being boring) but I remember I just could not resist this Helena cape from Mimikri. And then never wore it because gorgeous as it is, it is... not (boring) me.

But then, I had a thought, which involved Jeddin Laval's Underground City - something I have been intending to blog forever.

Goodness, I could write a ten-page essay on this (but won't). Jeddin is a writer, a scripter, an inventor, an idealist, and a great, great friend.

He built his city (complete with HUD and guides and a wealth of things to see and do)... because it is the setting of his story 'Descending Road': a fantasy work but there is more to it than that. He even invented a new way of reading on the Net: more about that in the city too but also on his site.

Jeddin isn't in SL for profit, but to share his ideas, his literature, and his incredible enthusiasm and sense of adventure. There is something to discover around every corner (and the place is BIG). From nightclubs to living quarters, from descriptions of the inhabitants to various features that come alive thanks to sheer scripting genius.

This, for example, is how the race of people he describes in his story sees colour (how appropriate): all with explanations, of course.

But one of the most spectacular parts of the City, to me, is the Birthing Chamber.

Pipes, platforms... and although it's stunning in terms of a build, just to visit, it is another focal part of Descending Road.

The place is really worth seeing. Grab a visitor hud or drop Jeddin Laval a quick IM and share his enthusiasm for a little while. Because to me, he is one of the very, very best parts of SL.

Other credits: free dress from Kunglers, hair from MrS and that stunning cape from Mimikri. But if you'll excuse me, I need to get back into jeans.

But do, please, go visit the City (yes I know I am repeating myself). But you won't be disappointed.

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Luna Jubilee said...

oh wow - that does look like a great place to visit!