Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Calling bloggers, building and BOOOOOOOTS

First up, a call for any bloggers interested in receiving new Vent du Sud items (including builds).
As some of you know, I sell decor for 1L and builds for 50L and am crap at marketing.

Example build, Lighthouse, here
So if any blogger would like to have new releases or other specials or even older builds, please ask (and no, no pressure to use anything at all).  Also, let me know of anything you are particularly interested in such as colours or styles or... whatever.

An IM to Ariadne Korda with a link to your blog would be perfect. I will then put you on the (so far small) list of people who get pre-releases.  Thanks! I do reserve the right to say no, but... it's unlikely.

I have in fact just boxed up a new build and a couple of things for you to look at, including this house plus some decor that goes with it. There will be more to come.

New release about to go on sale here

This is intended mainly for house and garden bloggers but also any fashion bloggers interested in using my furniture or builds as props or settings.

Detail of a 1L fireplace available here

And the boots? OH THE BOOTS.
One of my chairs, in the mainstore. Various colours / poses on touch.

But um yes, the boots.

Never have I spent so much time dithering in front of boots but I am absolutely THRILLED with those I finally chose. Seriously, it was probably the best 420L I have spent in a loooooooooong time. Lia, by Miel and yes I know they have been blogged to death but... they are fabulous and lots of colours INCLUDED (oh dear upper case alert).

And of course I had to get the dress and the tights too. For a frugal shopper, this was a BIG deal but...

... happy Ari.

Look forward to hearing from some of you!

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