Sunday, 9 January 2011

Sixth form - 52 weeks of colour, sienna

I knew that sienna colour looked familiar.

And I also know why I have almost none in my inventory.

My SCHOOL UNIFORM was 'sienna'.  But basically brown with white shirts and NO mini skirts and NO heels and NO makeup and hair tied back until... the sixth form (the UK will be with me on this).

Sixth form is as of age 16. At my (girls only) school, with the boys next door and barbed wire in between (yes really), things did improve a bit by then. As in we could, er, stretch the rules a little.

I am, of course, talking about the heels, not the other things we got up to. As if we would.

The best part, however, was getting outside the school gates and literally letting your hair down. And getting the makeup out (ever tried to put makeup on at a bus stop?). 

And jewellery. Because if you got caught wearing earrings IN school, you got detention.

Ah, memories.

Am I showing my age?


Credits? Zaara Isis shirt, Aoharu tailored jacket (think school blazer), Zagoskin Ella skirt. Earrings freebie from Leezu.  Shoes HOC chunky stilettos.
Setting? Vent du Sud of course.


Lashae Karsin said...

I love the 'old' look of the photos!!

Luna Jubilee said...

awesome job with the color!