Thursday, 20 January 2011

And now for something completely different

I've talked about Menthal Oh's superb gizmos before. Boats, planes, smoke emitters, tanning beds, snow bazookas, etc.


Suddenly I hear 'Hey ARI! New build! Come look'

So I did. 

 'I just need some sexy girl for photos now, to put it on the marketplace', he said sweetly.

'No way, Menthal. Go get undressed. NOW'


'You want this blogged or not?'

So here it is. The ultimate pole dance... gizmo.

And here he is. Wiggling most impressively.

Not only does it have the animations, it changes colour, gives out particles, smoke....

 ... and works perfectly well for both men and women, no?

Find it for sale at Vent du Sud, on the square.

Yes, you may try it. Yes, you may ask Menthal for a personal demo. I am sure he will be delighted.

(Running away before he or his girlfriend kills me)

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