Saturday, 1 January 2011

The joy of giving. In which I lose my temper. Rant.

Somebody got REALLY AWFUL service from Vent du Sud today.

Got a message out of the blue, 24 hours after putting the gifts in the subscribo. 

 (pick them up here for 1L each or if you accidentally rejected the subscribo message, please yell and I will send them for free in the gift box)

This... person said 'I want to leave your group I don't want all your messages and stuff any more'.

I was building, so I sent her the LM and asked her if she could pop over to unsubscribe (mean, horrible, lazy person that I am). 

She declined it. And I got a mouthful (in French) that went like this.

Her: 'I get too many messages from your group and you must take me off NOW'
Me:  'It's a subscribomatic, not a group, and I don't actually have a group. And too many? I send about one a week.'
Her: 'I can't see it in my groups but know I am in it because I get your stuff and I'm sick of it so you must take me off it'
Me: 'OK, I'll come do it manually if it's too much trouble to come over.'

I go to the controller, go to the website, and see she signed up on... 22 December. Since which time I sent one message about Christmas stuff at 1L and yesterday, a gift of four rather nice things. Total, two messages.

But I pulled up her name from the web interface, ready to remove her, at which point my toolbar blinks.

Her: 'I don't WANT to be in your group and I don't know how to leave groups and I can't find yours.'
Me: 'You are not in my group because it is invitation only and for my friends. You have been in my SUBSCRIBO for 10 days, but I have now taken you off'.
Her: 'No I was there much longer, like June or something.'

I copy paste the line that shows the date she joined, thinking she could have signed up and left and signed up again but...

Her: 'Well you still send too many messages, maybe it was more recent.'
Me: 'Two in those ten days. The second being the gifts yesterday. Hope you enjoyed them. You are removed. Goodbye.'

Muted. The third person in my SL history.

My patience has its limits, however much I believe in customer service.

Her SL profile says it is important to respect people.

Sorry, Isabelle, don't respect you one little bit. 


Bahia Pessoa said...

OMG! I am so shocked!
She must have confused you with someone else!


Who knows, and so help me I almost never snap at people but this was... infuriating.

Ah, SL, eh?

SunShine said...

Bloody Hell.

I am constantly amazed at the rude, demanding attitudes of people in SL. Along with the sheer stupidity.

I'm sorry...truly sorry.


See, if she had been wearing latex and a huge grin, I might have made more of an effort *cough*

*Runs away whistling*

Monica said...

It's funny how the people who say they want to be respected or they don't want drama in their profile are often the source of such.

I probably would had asked her to paste a message of my "many" messages and when she couldn't be like "Oh I thought there was so many..." and then muted her. Hehe..

enkys said...

People's reactions are a constant source of amazement and surprise (and instruction) lol
Courage, Ari. There are still some cool people out there!