Monday, 17 January 2011

The mystery of the mas, spraying wine, and lemon-sucking mouths

Vent du Sud Mas du Soleil, 50L, HERE
 "Excuse me," a delightful lady said, "but your mas is not copiable".

Having sprayed my keyboard with wine (I do like a better class of liquid to spray with), I grabbed a friend, threw the farmhouse at him and said "Rezz that NOW, please..."

Not copiable. Despite having given it an alt to check, despite the fact that I'd been through and applied mod / copy perms to every prim, every script.


More wine. Repeat bulk permissions operation, all the while apologising profusely. And this time, it worked. And the buyer was extraordinarily gracious about it all (which of course called for another glass).

Those who bought the mas before I replaced it with a copiable version will be getting a new copy this lunchtime, plus more profuse apologies. Should have done it last night but after the wine, they could have ended up with a lighthouse instead.

So instead, I grabbed yet another glass and skimmed a couple of blogs on my reader.

Momo had a post up which reflects exactly what I said on my, er, Plurk last week (yes yes I know I don't need more distractions but as always, blame Journey).

I just don't get this idea of having models that look as though they've been sucking lemons. SURE I agree that SL is a place for self-expression (even if I am still not going to be a Gorean slave or a furry but hey, choices). I just cannot understand the appeal of looking so goddamned miserable on a fashion shot.

No, I am not copying a photo to prove the point, as skimming any feed reveals a bunch of them and singling one out would probably bring out the screaming as it did on Momo's blog (and was dealt with beautifully).

So have another photo of the Mas (farmhouse) instead.And the cute mezzanine and retractable ladder.

And one of me (ah vanity)

... no, not smiling either (I loathe that anim that makes avatars do a sickly blingy smile every ten seconds too) but I don't look like I've been sucking lemons.

What I DID notice when I got changed was that I had the black collar on the brown jacket. And without the help of wine to befuddle my brain.

Credits: Aoharu tailored jacket (brown and black!), Zaara Isis shirt (white, but modifiable so a much-tinted staple).

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