Saturday, 15 January 2011

Totally gratuitous post about nothing

Well, about nothing much except to say I haven't fallen off the planet.

And the fact that it's good to be home after 4 extraordinarily grim and unplanned days in the UK.

It's out here, just need to set it for sale with extras included

And that yesterday was my 4th rezzday but I didn't get the new 5OL build (48 prims) with the special anniversary extras out for sale (above) or any new offers done at Vent du Sud. 

But I will. Not that this is a plea to join my massive 12 followers...  well, not really. Heh.

Oh, and I am proud to say that I did not wrap the satnav / GPS around the car hire person's neck despite the fact it was VERY expensive but at least 3 years out of date so attempted to put me in a river in Sheffield and denied the existence of the airport highway exit.

So, sometime this weekend I shall be trying to do both 'me in indigo' and a French farmhouse.

So here's me not in indigo but in the Abyss leather pants I seem to be living in, and one of the (three different) Vent du Sud 4-prim double hammocks with THOSE animations (and solo poses too) for 1L. Right here. 

Maybe we need an indigo version?

But most of all we need me to tackle the signs for the build so people can, y'know, flock to buy it? Watch this space.

*goes to get act together*

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