Sunday, 16 January 2011

Vent du Sud - new French farmhouse for only 50L

As a couple of people have noticed, there is a new 50L build out at Vent du Sud:
A mas is a stone farmhouse typical of southern France, regularly snapped up and renovated by foreigners or those from big cities these days.

It's an airy build weighing in at 48 prims (fully linked, no rezzer, mod / copy and yes, 50L). 
A certain friend by the name of Sunshine pounced on it early, and unwittingly gave it a name: the Mas du Soleil, as in the Sunshine Farmhouse. 

Thank you, Ms Kukulcan for support and laughs and latex moments (the latex being hers, not mine). 

Simple, however, still means you get windows that change to opaque on a single click (see on some of the photos), a retractable ladder to the roomy mezzanine, and superb textures. And of course that spacious terrace for dancing, dreaming and maybe grabbing some superb patio furniture from Vent du Sud!

Included in the pack,  for this week only*, there is the French stove that tucks into the lovely rounded nook AND the 1-prim standard lamp graciously sculpted and scripted by a friend. 
(also available separately, at the mas, for 1L each)

Again, it's HERE, and it's a tiny 50L (*and the extras are because it's my rezz day 'release', just a couple of days late)

(PS and indigo coming up later).
(PPS and the lovely Em of Sleek home decorated it superbly here)

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