Monday, 4 April 2011

52 Weeks of colour, white, and BIG RESIZER RANT

Yep, this is me moping on my work platform above Vent du Sud.

Good things: RunoRuno Hyperkinetic dress in white, and it is just BEAUTIFUL.  It even looks good sitting down and IT FITS (rant warning rant warning rant warning).

Bad things (another warning: this is a longer list).

1. Didn't get the new stuff out at Vent du Sud, but later today I will. It includes this... (WHITE... and 1L of course, as is the candle trio and a few other cute new things). 3 prims for the table, and simple.  Other things too, post coming on that once I have stopped ranting.

And why did I not get the stuff out? Read on.

2. RL stuff like dishwasher leaking and mopping up lake, and tripping over the doorstep with an armful of freshly-washed (WHITE) curtains and a few bruises, and... well... I have had better Sundays.

3. SL stuff like buying a really nice sculpt skirt from a fairly well known designer that (more fool me) is resize only, no mod. And there is no glitch pant. And it does NOT FIT.

Why? Because if I make it big enough to cover my hips, it is HUGE around the waist. If I resize the belt part to get the skirt to meet it, it is massive. Bleh.

Have another photo while I fume. This 1L shelf, and its colour change version next to it, seems to be making a few people smile. Which is good, and makes money for Doctors Without Borders. 1L at a time.  Goes with the new table too!

Where were we? Ah yes, ranting.

I have never encountered such a stupid skirt.  I am neither a glamazon or a dwarf, dammit.

I fiddled with it for ages. I shall probably end up deleting it, and will most definitely contact the creator (politely, honest) and say what I think.  I actually bought two, and on my frugal clothes budget, just ouch.

Are we all so dumb that we can't edit separate parts any more? 

Why oh why not leave it modify, so I could move a couple of the skirt panels? Or at least include an underpants layer so that every movement does not show leg (much as I could flash some smart undies, just no). Sure I could find another underpants layer and tint it but also, just no

And another thing. (Hey, when I rant, I RANT). Sculpt skirts look great for photos, sure, but sitting down in them, or walking around in them? Not quite as effective, particularly when they are all attached to a single point.

More RunoRuno.

Seriously, get this dress. Comes in black too. And it is modifiable. And the sculpt bits are attached to different points so you can actually, you know, walk around in it and sit down.

And please; keep on coming and being so generous for my Doctors Without Borders month at Vent du Sud!

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