Friday, 22 April 2011

Ode to eggs (and coffee / Internet withdrawal)

Back from 3 days away: plastic hotel with disgustingly watery coffee and soggy mattress.

Ah, the glamour of it all.

Worse, no Internet except in the (open, busy) office, so no building or blogging or even chatting.

Back last night to finish this little Easter treat. Grab the basket at the Vent du Sud mainstore for the usual price of 1L (mod copy).

Yes, I did think of making it a freebie but some time next week I am going to calculate the  Vent du Sud revenues since 20 March and donate them to Doctors without Borders...

 So how about popping in and buying it? Hm?

And if you need somewhere to put your eggs, or other pretties... here are a couple of other ideas.

Battered table and frames to put your own photos in...

Or a round, glossy table or an unusual bookshelf.

All available at the Vent du Sud mainstore

All for 1L.

And now, after this extremely boring post, I am off to work so I have time to finish another bunch of Vent du Sud goodness (which is cluttering up my work platform but out very soon when my brain has been suitably caffeinated again)

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