Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Bananas, asparagus and rocket science and general chaos (52 weeks of colour)

So, I am typing on a French keyboard set with Swiss layout on the keys (not easy: they are very different, and I have deadlines, and I have to empty the sick laptop, transfer data....)


But lo!

Asparagus and banana options in the Vent du Sud 1L barstools (other colours in there too).

Two birds with one stone! Clever Ari have a cookie!

Click the seat for colours, the frame for poses...
(nice poses too). 

And lo again! Aoharu banana top! I love Aoharu stuff. GField capris and Elikatira hair, also superb.
(make more effort on the fashion parts, Ari, and use fewer parentheses).

(and yes I could have made an asparagus coloured 1L hammock but I didn't. Banana option for one of the colour change pillows, mind, and those poses as well as singles ones).

OK, while I'm at it, how about banana coloured curtains (a zillion other colour options too) that you can stretch to any size and open and close (rocket science, huh?)

There. Open (look left).

Vent du Sud mainstore. 1L. Go click some colours but please don't leave it on fuchsia? Pretty please?

(and the bed pillows and colours change too... and the bed has poses...but not those)

And while I finish downloading stuff from the **** sick PC, one last asparagus moment...

... because it is handily one of the colours in the Smoothie patio set (colours, poses, 1L, you know the whole Vent du Sud philosophy thing)... but other pretty fabrics too, including lots of options for the cushions.

Get clicking and please remember all revenues to Doctors without borders until 22 April (extended for a couple of days as I have to go on a work trip on 19-21 April)

(PS if this post sounds incoherent, apologies. Things are a little frantic but I really want to collect as much as possible and it's been going really well so far).

(PPS no, I cannot relearn the Swiss keyboard set as it took me weeks to learn to touch type on an AZERTY layout, and still can't find the punctuation half of the time)

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