Monday, 18 April 2011


What do you get after high-maintenance house guest, sick laptop, and work overload?

You get a VERY grumpy me (me time? What me time?)

However, I am pleased to report that the house guest has finally headed home (seriously,  the 'is your home made tomato sauce really organic?' nearly left her covered in it).

The sick laptop? Part exchanged, and I am in the process of reconfiguring shiny newness and importing because I have a three-day work trip tomorrow and need a laptop that works (to work on, but fortunately it appears to handle SL). 

However, there is still time to support Doctors without borders, for instance by indulging yourself in a 50L Summer Cabin (19 prims, two sizes, two colours) from Vent du Sud, as shown above.

Because I am going to extend the whole thing until I get back and get organised a bit, so for at least another week all revenues at  Vent du Sud go there.

I had hoped to get more stuff finished, but hey, too busy nursemaiding cranky guest and crankier PC. But it will come. 
And to digress a little but you really do need a cute black leather couch for 1L, right?  With funky colour change cushions and stuff,
Before I forget (late with this too), here is Rett's  latest design, available in her store on the square. Not free, but she asked me to pop an image in my blog.

Definitely a must if you appreciate Rett's slinky little numbers!

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