Friday, 29 April 2011

Doctors without borders - sort of good news

OK, I just sent a donation to Doctors without Borders... for five weeks of revenues at Vent du Sud plus some more to round it up.

Total, US$ 150.

A huge, huge thanks to everyone for their purchases and the donations (which made all the difference considering the massive *cough* 1L prices).

But (I know this sounds STUPID quite apart from false but hell, it happened) I screwed up the 'print screen' print screen to wipe out my name and post it right away.

I thought I knew how to do print screen.

I don't. I've never done it, thought it couldn't be hard and... um... I have NO idea where it printed to.

I seem to have a folder full of stuff from their web page but none of it will print or even display.

And yes this is pathetic. I know it. I'm really, really sorry.

HOWEVER, the good news is that I will be getting a printed receipt by snail mail in 3-4 weeks (check out the link). At which point I shall photocopy it, scribble over my name, scan it and print it here (I do know how to do that).

And yes, I am mortified. And Mr RL is rolling his eyes because I insisted I knew what I was doing. And yes of course he said 'I told you to wait and I would do it so it serves you right' but no, I had to be clever.

I hope nobody is furious and please, please keep checking out my blog because I will post it. 

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