Sunday, 24 April 2011

The cold grey light of dawn, and Harold (52 weeks of colour)

I am (gasp) a morning person. And I confess to enjoying setting my windlight to match...

Peace, sea... (and stunning, stunning Mia dress by Mimikri which rather usefully combines periwinkle and aubergine, eh?).

And of course my own Vent du Sud smoothie patio chair which has colour change seats and cushions matches rather nicely too). Couch and table in the same set, just 1L each (you know the score by now, yes?)

But back to dawn. Excellent thinking time. ME time. And, I think, my little corner of tranquillity in SL and in Vent du Sud.

Here, for example (direct TP to this build on the Vent du Sud square, feel free just to visit)

This is the Mas du Soleil, my French farmhouse (50L, lots of features).

On the beach, you'll find Harold the Heron.

Great company, Harold.

Then, eventually, it's time to face the day

Yes, a little thoughtful at the moment.


But before I take my pose-challenged self away (pretend my hand is in a pocket, please?), this is the LAST WEEKEND for Vent du Sud's donation of all revenues to Doctors Without Borders. I will wrap up and make the donation some time this week. Watch this space, but for now, be generous?


Rudhmellowen said...

the dress is so pretty, it looks great on you... and awwww Harold is cute!!


thank you! Even better, it also has a full-length skirt (bad blogger didn't show it)

Mayala Loon said...

what a beatiful dress ... I love that pattern mix ;-)

Anonymous said...

Lovely dress! I think I need to go get that!

Anonymous said...

Harold looks like great company! That dress is such a fantastic find!!