Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Gifts, hunts, eggs, do nothing cushions, please, thank you

Forgot to say, while I was ranting the other day (who me? Rant?), that Vent du Sud is in another hunt.

I popped three small gifts in my egg. This stool with 3 sits and colour change cushions, for instance.

(No, I have not changed since the "white" post, and crashed three times yesterday trying to do a notecard abut that skirt I wrote about in it).

No, I am not going to rant about hunts. I do know that some people just hunt because it's fun and they just want to complete it, even if they don't want or need the contents of a lot of the gifts.

And that's fine.

Others are rude, though

'You are the owner? Where is the egg?'
'Hi there, welcome. Try looking on a table'
'Which table? I'm in a hurry'

Uh-huh. Is a 'please' or a 'thanks' too much trouble?

But anyway. This mini light is in the gift too. It turns on and off (wow).

Now, the nice thing about joining hunts is that some people start clicking away, realise that everything is IL, pick up a few items... and say thanks or drop a few Lindens into a tip jar. So thank you all once again.

(I really should put up a poster saying that all revenues until 20 April are going to Doctors Without Borders, yes?)

YES. Go away and make a sign, woman. And work. So go find the egg, people (on a table!), or pick up the new cushion pile at Vent du Sud, for 1L...

Aptly called the Do nothing cushions because they do nothing except look pretty. Or rather they DO all change colour, individually. Just 1L, or more if you feel like helping out (but it's fine if you don't or can't).

Gone. Work.

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