Monday, 29 August 2011

All about Insight (in which Ari fangirls her favourite source of textures)

My name is Ariadne Korda and I'm a texture addict.

So today, I'm going to ramble on about textures (and my favourite place for them). Read on!

Glass textures (and forthcoming new line from Vent du Sud) (yes bad photo, sorry)

Texturing is the bit of building I like best of all, to the point I have to force myself not to start tweaking offsets or even applying them until a build is (well, nearly) finished. 

Striped textures, with shading (Vent du Sud curved settee, texture change, 1L)
My inventory is bursting with them. I picked up so many cheap or free ones in the early days, only to start worrying, later, whether they were obtained legally... so those ended up in trash and I started looking at merchants who clearly stated they made their own. 

And I found one. Insight Designs.

And I was hooked. This is somewhere that  really understands what builders need. Packs with great options, sharp, varied, and most of all different.

And boy, I hammer those textures to death because they are just so versatile. Wood, plexiglass, cement, stucco, and gorgeous fabrics. So something for fashion designers too (I keep sending my designer friends there and the response is usually "WOW").
Vent du Sud beach cabin,  50L with superb wood panelling textures

My first direct contact with Amisha March and Insight Designs was when a set I wanted had been, y'know, inexplicably detained by the Marketplace. She sent them right away, we had a great chat, and I went away and drooled over stucco... as you do. 

If you are me. I drool over concrete and wood and fabrics too, I admit it.
Then she turned up on Plurk (or rather I turned up on Plurk and cheered happily over her new releases). And Lubo too, her parner in crime was there too!

To my utter amazement, she has sent me a couple of new packs as a gift (to some embarrassment because I had been whining about being broke somewhat down on funds, which is an ongoing theme that my poor Plurk people have to suffer).
Vent du Sud Tree Haven, 50L, and LOOK AT THAT WOOD!
So, with apologies for taking my time to get around to it, here's a public thanks and a huge pat on the back to INSIGHT DESIGNS for making this texture-addicted builder extremely happy. 

(And it is so NOT a subtle hint for more freebies because I have two enormous sets I still have to play extensively with yet.)

Baskets from Vent du Sud, 1L each, again fabulous textures (ooops the deck texture didn't rez but it's not from Insight!)
Advice to all builders and fashion creators, though... go check them out. You won't be disappointed.

Oh, and a PS: go look at her blog too, including free texture grabs regularly.  Marketplace? Find her here.

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Amisha March said...

Wow, Thank you for the post! We just got back from our holiday so it's been a treat to see this with my first cuppa sitting back getting ready for work mode again :D