Wednesday, 17 August 2011

I don't like square boxes - builds for store, café, club or gallery

Vent du Sud Gallery store, 35 prims, mod/ copy, 50L
When I first set up Vent du Sud I knew I wanted airy stores, simple but Mediterranean style, in pale stucco with stone arches and bays.

I wanted them to show off what was inside without being too fussy, and most of all I didn't want SQUARE BOXES. And I wanted fabulous textures.

Oh, and I wanted them to be low-prim. 

A couple (yes, yes, more than one!) person asked if they could buy them, so here they are, available at Vent du Sud (find the "buy the build" signs on them) or at the Marketplace.

The gallery (because it's great as a gallery or a store or a café or even a club) even comes with some free fittings thrown in - seating, shelves and 2 different tables, and this being Vent du Sud, the usual 50L.

The MAINSTORE is similar and 38 prims, and like the gallery it's mod / copy (meaning you can add or move extra walls for more display space).
The mainstore, but also good for a café, club or gallery: 38 prims

Again, fabulously roomy but not clunky and oversized. And not square.

Footprint for both 40 x 20 m.

Easy to nagivate, but lots of character despite their simplicity.
 Last look at some of the details and textures (here on the gallery).
 And last: life is temporarily quieter so I'm (gasp) getting things done, so ALL the Vent du Sud builds are now up on the marketplace, together with some decor sets at a tiny 6L (more to come). Check them out here!

(now go and do Jazzberry for the 52 weeks of colour, Ari, even if it means buying something).

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