Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Frustration, thy name is SL (and new mini tree house and GIVEAWAYS)

Ah gotta love the place no?

So I made a small version of the Tree Haven (which, says she proudly, is my best seller).  So far, so good.

Plonked it down here, at Vent du Sud, and then had the great idea of putting it on the Marketplace (hey, I can be organised. Sometimes).

So here it is. 33 prims, retractable ladders, big french windows. Cute. 50L.

But oh the adventures.

- two crashes taking photos
- textures refused to rezz on the third try
- fourth try lucky. Onwards, to the Marketplace!
- Marketplace is down
- Marketplace is up but photos won't load
- Have more coffee
- Photos load. Even put up some more stuff
- Attempt to log into SL to put out TP back to the square from the new cabin
- Crash. So if you want to TP back pls fly thx. It's not far. Thank you.


And here, with thanks to the lovely Sawa, a pic of the cabin at her place

Ah yes, the giveaways. The first two people to send me an IM inworld (Ariadne Korda) get the small tree haven for free. The three people after that get a Geo set of their choice (here it is in mustard, but black and white also available on the Marketplace) or, of course, see them at Vent du Sud.

Tell me your choice of colour in case (hah!) the tree havens are gone.

(Set includes the couch (singles and couples poses, colour change cushions), armchair, cushions (with LOTS of poses, singles/couples/friends), rug, coffee table, glassware. 27 prims in all, and a massive 6L on the marketplace).

Next: Jazzberry for the 52 weeks challenge. I have nothing that colour in my inventory, so please, SL and Marketplace, I would be grateful if you could just co-operate a little this lunchtime.

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