Saturday, 6 August 2011

Melon, tai chi, lighthouses and stealing the limelight (52 weeks of color)

Melon, and only a little late?

You know they tell actors to avoid roles with kids and animals, as both tend to steal the limelight?

Well, I'll take the risk with Harold, because what would Vent du Sud be without the various birds (OK and the manta ray, and my (non-breedable cat)? 

Besides, he seemed a natural at tai chi.

(Mind, George the seagull was singularly unimpressed).

Amazingly, this post is not plugging anything at Vent du Sud... except to extend an invitation to come visit. 

(You could treat yourself to a lighthouse, however, for the usual 50L?)

Note: there are three different lighthouses at Vent du Sud, all below 25 prims. 

I like lighthouses. 

I even found a melon-y windlight setting while I was taking photos.

Vent du Sud for the setting (say hello to Harold!)
Oyakin group gift dress (say hello to cheapskate Ari but her stuff is lovely)
SLink Frederique hair (love it love it love it)
Miel shoes (lots of colour changes and so CUTE)

PS: I like melons, too... this photo taken at our local market.

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