Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Getting brain into gear, and lingerie distractions

Look what I found in my inventory! Ah, smart, chic and just the right colour for "liver".

Except I also found this, which...

...seemed a bit more fun.

More fun than fixing texture offsets which I screwed up on an unsaved version of a build (way to go, Ari - how long have you been building now?).

But hey... not life threatening (just tedious to fix). So I played a little longer.

I did, however, fix all the textures. Well... I think I did. Will check again.

Sneak peek of the build in question, hm? Dammit I have to get a plug for Vent du Sud in here somewhere (and it's NEW and on sale soon). I just need to go make signs, notecards, and find a catchy name for it.

And to close, another of these.

Reasonable desires Lianna lingerie
Zaara top and skirt
Klavdiya hair, Damselfly (so gloriously MESSY, I love it)
Miel ring
Enkythings Talyna stilettos (get them from Vent du Sud)
House at Vent du Sud if I ever get my brain into gear.


Nicandra Laval said...

wow nice sexy you are realy beautiful in those clothings :) greetings Nicandra

Plasma Engineer said...

Very elegantly rendered! ;)

Anichka Savira said...

The lingerie is sexy and it's always impressive when you make liver sexy but I love love love the first outfit.

Gradite said...

Oh My... (can't say more!) love the hair (Memo To Self: Dump ugly freebie hair TODAY!).

The Lingerie... how can you possibly build dressed like that?????

love u bunches!