Saturday, 20 August 2011

With a little help from a friend - Jazzberry

Seriously, I was starting to despair over jazzberry.

And then the lovely Eclectic Wingtips of Electic Apparel stepped in.

We were gossiping yesterday and I thought I'd pop over and see what she had (having explained I needed something in 'sort of deep fuchsia'), but this landed in my inventory before I'd even got there.

And it's PERFECT. It's also a superbly made minidress that has two sizes for the skirt piece, making adjusting a cinch.

Seriously, quality shows. I have a couple of her other dresses and really need to go there more often (her prices are great, her stuff is beautifully made, and she's lots of fun - what's not to love?).

So I'm a happy little builder right now (I admit it - I've been too busy building, ripping stuff apart and starting again, and then building some more, so shopping hasn't been a priority).

I did, however, buy new lashes which I just HAVE to show off.

Humour me. I am lash-challenged but fitting these was a cinch thanks to the interface that comes with them.

Skin: Lelutka IFE (group gift) and MOCK raspberry cordial lipstick
Hair: I love Olive, Cora
Lashes: FTL
Necklace: Zaara, Parnini
Shoes: Enkythings Talyna (find them at Vent du Sud)
Dress: Eclectic Apparel Eartha in fuchsia
Location: Vent du Sud (dammit have to get a plug in here somewhere)

Once again, thank you Ec!

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