Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Time out, with digression on new skin, nicotine, and apricot

Deep philosophical thoughts, lately - probably because work is slightly less insane.

You know - things like "what am I doing here" or "is it time to make big changes" rather than "I have to meet this deadline, we're low on wine, the ironing mountain is getting out of hand and the cats need their annual shots".

Thing is, it never seems like a good time to make changes. Well that, or I'm a coward. But a little thinking time isn't a bad thing.

Ah, enough of all that. Life is good, basically and counting blessings is not such a bad thing. And I did buy wine, did the ironing, and the cats were dragged screaming to the vet. And I met my deadlines.

And what, pray, has this to do with Vent du Sud?

Well, not a lot (but hey, APRICOT).

But one last Deep Thought. Among other things, it's not only my creative outlet, a place where I can enjoy my friends, but it's where I can sometimes lean against an old stone wall and watch the stars, watch the waves, sneak a cigarette, and ponder on whether I need a new skin or what to build next.

Do I need a new skin?
 Shallow? Stupid?

My Second Life has been described as both but I disagree, which is why I'm still here. And why I intend to stay here for the foreseeable future, rambling on as I do (oh you noticed?) .

Taking myself away now, with the credits (and motivating myself to get some new things out, which no doubt will be extolled in a future, shallow, "buy my stuff" post). Without philosophy and nicotine.

Maitreya Green II hair
Tuli Audrey skin (dammit she discontinued it and can't find anything I like better)
Decoy top
Corset part of Armidi shorts (happy accident when changing, once)
Skirt from an old, old gacha (cheapskate Ari strikes again)
Necklace from Leezu (free, see "cheapskate" above)
Yay Wedges from HOC (colour change, beautifully done)
Poses from my Taisaya AO and some PRICKLE smoking freebies (get them at Vent du Sud)

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Anichka Savira said...

I love your apricot, classy and chic.