Saturday, 27 August 2011

Tales of the easily distracted - Chartreuse

The idea was great. Woman in black tuxedo with chartreuse band on a top hat, perched on a stool and sipping a glass of the green stuff.

Then the Marketplace struck (and RL struck but it often does).

And I am in a building phase in SL as witnessed by the junkyard that is my work platform above Vent du Sud and needed a few supplies. As you do. So tuxedos gave way to searching for textures and sculpts, as they do (if you are me). 

 (One very bad photo or I could claim dark and cryptic sneak peek?)

Yes, I will be tweaking things and finishing them off any time soon but it would help if the Marketplace had deigned to, you know, actually DELIVER the five things I ordered (and which it cheerfully stated as "delivered").

So, more distractions occurred.

Notecards to creators (so far, one - one item received but OK, everybody is allowed a vacation but dammit I spent hours looking for exactly the window textures I wanted).

And while perusing tuxedos and top hats, more builder-type ideas emerged so I ended up back in my inventory digging up some fabulous textures... (but no appropriate window textures).

But back to Chartreuse. A quick search of "green" yielded this great dress (see credits), which was perfect. 

So, photo time but that reminded me of a texture I needed to fiddle with on Photoshop (well OK Pixlr, because I got distracted when I was going to reload Photoshop onto this PC. Many times).

And when I got into Pixlr (very useful thing, that), I got distracted by this...

 (Guess who found the vignetting button, but hey - Vent du Sud is pretty and ... OK. Back to Chartreuse)

There we go. Cropped out the clunky elbow as I haven't quite mastered certain other buttons yet. But I am getting there. Slowly. Ever tried mastering software in one language and tutorials in another? It does add a certain masochistic element to it all.

So now, back to finishing off a dozen builds... unless of course I get distracted by some terraforming I want to do at Vent du Sud.

Note to self: first, dig lake, finish and put out new house (and the rest), play more with shadow-enabled viewer, reinstall Photoshop and look at buttons and attempt to make own windows, send reminders re. missing marketplace items. Oh, and remodel the store, and do new colour ranges for some sets. And Marketplace listings.

Oh, and liver. Hm.

Loretta gown, Jada Humby (I think free gift but nicely made... must go back)
Green II hair, Maitreya (go-to hairstyle, but also popped up in the 'green' rummage of inventory)
Enkythings Talyna stilettos (Enkythings at Vent du Sud)
Messy building site and pretty olive tree, also courtesy of Vent du Sud (plug where decor is 1L plug and builds 50L plug).


Laura18 Streeter said...

Love your story and especially the first back shot! The dress is great on you.
If the software in question is photoshop, try this:
I try to do one every day :P


Thanks, and I will (although it will probably be waaaay over my head)!

Anichka Savira said...

That green dress is to die for, the back, man, the back is stunning. And your sim does look pretty with vignette.