Thursday, 10 March 2011

And the kitchen sink

This sink is the fault of a work colleague who takes everything but the kitchen sink for a two-day job. Amazing what can inspire SL building at Vent du Sud, eh?

So here is 'And the kitchen sink', which in fact comes with the bench and sink and the accessories separately (is there no end to my brilliance), and is yours for 5L. No, not a massive price hike but you get mod/copy soap, jug, basket and towel with it, so five things in one. Plus, nearby, other matching bits and bobs for 1L.

And there is more. The tap drips (with thanks to Menthal Oh who turned my messy torrent into perfectly shaped drops, dripping slowly), or can be turned off (click the bench). You do not want to know how many snapshots I took of those *** drips, and none worked.

 And even that is not all. Vent du Sud packs a lot into 5L. The bowl, and the tiles, change texture on touch (come on, you know you want to click). Instructions inside too.

And why yes, a few more new things are appearing at the Vent du Sud mainstore if you look closely at the next to last pic. All at 1L, remember? 

And lots more to come so check back often.

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