Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Ecru at home: 52 weeks of colour

Yep, I have a Linden home. A little A-frame one.  Somewhere to dream (or more honestly, somewhere to go during sim restarts or to try out clothes or colour schemes).

A tiny hideaway from Vent du Sud, known to nobody. Chez moi in 117 prims, all my own designs except for the picture here. Furnishings plus room divider, blinds, roof terrace.

And at the moment it's mainly ecru.

I made the prims go a long way...
All of the items, you'll find at Vent du Sud. And if you have an A-frame and like the idea of the structural bits (or want a custom version and colours), let me - Ariadne Korda - know.

Price? Ummm considering my decor is 1L then not very much, because I'd have fun doing it.

And I'll never tell anyone where your hideaway is.

Credits: Dress from TRAM, hair Exile, shoes and necklace Miel. Decor Vent du Sud (except picture which was an old freebie).


Mayala Loon said...

cute look ... and a comfy lil hideaway ;-)

Kaelyn Alecto said...

I agree with Mayala! Cute! And like the painting a lot!

Sabre Parabola said...

I'm glad you like my pic enough to use it as decor in your home, and I have to admit to getting giddy when I saw it. But, hey, I'm a dork. And I want you to know that your French Stove (which I love) is used in all my homes.


Thanks Sabre - I do love that picture! Must drop by and look at some of your other artwork soon