Monday, 21 March 2011

Sky blue / rant about charity in SL and more new stuff (52 weeks of colour)

Sky blue... first the SHOES, which are Françoise flats from Shiny Things and although a couple of years old, wonderful.

Second, sky blue like the summer cabins, which are out at Vent du Sud (as is this 1L , 3-prim easel with brush and palette on the deck of the bigger one). The smaller one (pictured below), is 50L (Vent du Sud build price), a tiny 19 prims, and comes in both sky blue with yellow roof and and yellow with sky blue roof.

Direct link to the cabins here (but close to the main tp). 

And read on for the rant!

And the bigger cabin is yellow with sky blue but still 19 prims.

Ummm... I like sky blue...!

I also love all the people who have come to Vent du Sud and bought stuff, knowing (or not) that my sales are going to Doctors Without Borders for a month. Thank you and keep coming!

 And before I rant (oh boy, she's ranting again), another tiny new thing in the Vent du Sud mainstore, right up front. Standing photo frames, 1L, add your own images.

As for the rant, I saw a couple of disturbing things about donations for Japan yesterday.

As in comments about vendors 'only doing it for publicity and for themselves'. Personally, I think the important thing is that people are aware that people need help, and anything that brings in donations is not all bad. Sure it might be added publicity for the vendor too, but - so what? Sure people could give personally rather than through SL, but if it's about a few Lindens that people could well spend inworld anyway, why not try to do some good with them?

As for how much, certain creators are giving of their SL income, I don't think anyone can stand in judgement about who can offer what percentage. Not your damned business!

I also saw a comment reminding people that Japan is not the only disaster area.  This is why I support Doctors Without Borders. It does NOT accept donations specifically for any disaster but tries to deploy resources where most needed, and its overheads are low, low, low. But yes, I see the point in that reminder - except that Japan is a major disaster so its resources - rapid and concrete - are needed. 

And last, yes I do hope people show their donation receipts, and can understand some cynicism about whether people will (and yes, I will), but until the chosen period for a charity item is over then you take your chance. Sad, but true. But should it make you refuse to buy charity items 'in case' it's a scam? I think that is also up to the individual. Also sadly...

... it is being used as fodder for personal bitchiness which seems to have very little to do with Japan, or any charity,  at all. 

Rant over. And I shall get around to Umber... late. My photos of the outfit were terrible (so what's new?) so will have to do them again.


Rudhmellowen said...

The rant seems justified to me... I dont give a monkeys what reason people give to be part of a charity event in SL, if they are there and sales are going to charity isnt that what really counts?? Has the world gone mad to think otherwise? BTW love your colour post!!

Johnny Wirjosandjojo said...

nice design... :)