Sunday, 20 March 2011

Japan - and Vent du Sud

A small piece of RL information: part of my work is with people involved in disaster victim identification and crisis relief in general. I admire them more than I can possibly express in words.

My charity contributions go to Médecins sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders) because I really admire what they do. Please see this article about their work in Japan, and please read on for what I want Vent du Sud to do to help.

Now, I sell stuff for 1L at Vent du Sud to help with tier, but am unlikely ever to cover it. SL, as I have said before, is my hobby.

My budget, in fact, takes into account a very few sales, plus stipend and the rent (at cost) I get from those who share it with me. So I hope that doing this will be more fruitful than, in my case, setting up vendors for the Pacific Relief effort.

Any sales and tips at Vent du Sud for a month from today will be donated, plus anything I can add.

Tip boxes in various places by the Vent du Sud stores, builds, etc.

I will scan the receipt when I send the donation. 

So please drop by. There are new things in the store too and more coming regularly!

And in advance, thank you.

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