Friday, 11 March 2011

How to be an idiot, building bridges and don't be frilly

I tend to be rather mean frugal about buying clothes lately, to the extent that my rude adorable friends all faint when I actually buy something (that is not a texture or a sculpt).

So yesterday, I was at Vent du Sud trying on a NEW DRESS*  when I see 'X paid you 1L for Object'.


Now, I am careful about naming things, normally. So, as she was on the sim, I asked her (embarassed much?) what it was.

This. The bridge.Except it was GONE.

She was so kind, and actually apologised but really had no need to as idiot me had not only set it on sale, named 'Object' in some moment of extreme stupidity but the original.  

And it was, as usual, mod/copy and I had recently emptied my trash (too many Objects) so she couldn't transfer it back.

No more bridge (but I rebuilt it, read on, brave people).

OK it is not a masterpiece, simply a 3-prim drawbridge that clicks open and closes itself when I'm swimming or boating around the sim, but she liked it.

 (Why do my sea pictures have this infuriating checkerboard effect? First person to explain gets a free lighthouse)

So, we chatted a little (really, she was charming), with me kicking myself for making newbie blunders and her buying up the store and leaving tips. So yep, did wonders for the morale and a reminder that there are some great people around on SL.

And then, feeling all mellow despite needing to reconnect the lighthouse to the sim
(pause for quick plug, reminder, what have you, but it is 50L, 25 prims and here)

I turned back to *the dress.

(Once I'd rebuilt the 3-prim bridge, now on sale as the Vent du Sud drawbridge, for 1L, mod / copy and not the original), 

Agade came over. Looked.

Agade  knows me well enough to say what she thinks.

Yes, she said, nicely made. Unusual. But Ari...

I needed a New Look for Boring Old Me, I told her.

It has frills, she said. It's just not... you.

She was right.

So maybe I should go try latex, platform hooker shoes and huge cleavage or something?

Or just go back to staring at clothes and then wander on back to my platform in my jeans, and haul prims. While trying to remember to name them and not set originals for sale.

(Credit where it's due, though. It is a lovely dress, by Kazuo, called 'Waves').


whuteva said...

/me votes for the latex...and ballet boots!



OK I like challenges but... we'll see about the latex ;)