Thursday, 24 March 2011

Marketplace masochism, tree house, 52 weeks of colour, umber

First, umber. Late. Really not impressed with my photos here, but I AM impressed with Miel's clothes. Lia dress.

Hm. I suppose I'm just more interested in spring pastels (Maitreya scarf, tinted pink). Excuse me while I check on the Marketplace to see if Lia comes in springlike colours (no it doesn't but I wish it did, and my finger twitched on the rest of the store...).

But as the photos are taken in the Vent du Sud Tree Haven (which is sort of rich teak with umberish windows, scroll on, brave readers), let me just proudly announce I have been tussling with the Marketplace to get my builds on there...

...and behold, after much tearing of hair, the lighthouses, the tree haven and the farmhouse are finally up. More to come when I feel like more masochism.

Click on the doors, the blinds, the ladders, the French windows... and just 50L, right here, next the beach cabins but it's, um, a big tree so hard to miss and I can't find the exact tp and am not online as I should be working.. and all for 48 prims.

(OK so my writing style is not quite as polished as it might be this morning).

Still have to add the beach cabins and the patio store but the Marketplace income will be added to the rest for until 20 April for Doctors Without Borders (please take a second to read about what they are doing in Japan?)

So go buy a tree house, hmm?

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