Friday, 4 March 2011

Not so battered, spring has sprung, etc etc

It is so good to get back to building, and a gazillion things are in progress at Vent du Sud.

First taste is out near the subscribo, and is a delightfully battered coffee table called, in a burst of inspiration, "battered coffee table".  Mod/copy, 4 prims and (naturally) 1L. Frames available any time soon, as I slowly move things in (last chance to grab lots of things).

And see these? 1L of course. Mod/copy. 2 prims only.


Here. New mini version of the 19-prim, 50L beach cabin, in BLUE (more colours coming), but with a few other new 1L goodies on the deck, such as this...

Which is in fact a great way of growing herbs or plants in RL and using up old plantpots.

 Need I say it? 1L.

Lots more to come.... as you can see here (no I am not a tidy builder, I know it).

So keep checking in at Vent du Sud... new things out regularly now as I give them a final tweak!

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