Sunday, 27 March 2011

Theft (confession), dentists and bookshelves

I don't recommend having jaw pain sending you through the roof in a town where there appears to be no emergency dentist at weekends.

No, not fishing for sympathy. Not quite climbing up walls today (ah, pharmaceutical goodness how I love thee). But this happened after a trip to the dentist for one of those 'no no it won't hurt' things.


Moving on to theft, I was reading battered interior decoration magazines in the waiting room, and saw something like this...

... so I made it.

(The little row of lights and the bonsai are separate. The books come with the bookshelf.)

Go on, splurge on all three for a massive 3L. Being mod/copy you can use the books elsewhere, of course.

In the Vent du Sud mainstore.

(5 prims for the bookshelf, 3 for the 3 x 1-prim books. 7 for the lights, 4 for the bonsai and candle and why yes the candles work look at the smoke).

I often think in prims, see ('hmmm could do that in six, or four if I use a sculpt' ... followed by three hours on the marketplace to find a sculpt, which is not delivered, contact vendor, wait, vendor resends, marketplace version shows up, both as I go to bed. Gotta love SL).

Ah, back to theft. Sorry.

I tore out the page of the magazine because I knew I was too nervous of drills and things to remember what it  looked like, wicked, wicked woman that I am.

(Go on, spend 3L (and remember it all goes to Doctors without Borders until 20 April)

See, having seen some amazingly dramatic drama about fashion designers being inspired by / copying clothes, I thought I'd own up straight away. So there you are. I confess.

Should I contact the company and tell them I am selling these two items for 1L? And if I'm extraordinarily fortunate, I may make about 50 cents from it? A couple of dollars if it's the Next Big Item?

Well, I'm not.

The company is La Maison Coloniale.  Which I have put in a notecard inside both items. Well I think so, definitely in the white one.

Oh dear. Ignore me and admire the books.

And to round up this rather drug-addled post, there is also a bookless version that is colour change with zillions of colours. 5 prims.

Right there beside the white one with the books. .Go on, buy both.

But there is more.

On the other page I tore out (OK, OK, I confess again, there were two quiet rips) there is this really nice wall shelving shelving unit thingummy too.

Watch this space.

More new things to come at Vent du Sud very shortly, but I left off for a bit to make the bookshelf.

Go buy it!

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