Sunday, 18 September 2011

Brick red, 1L cabinets, and the horror of heels. Brick red.

So, looks like summer's over in my bit of the world, so time to get a jacket out (and - ugh - suit and heels tomorrow as I have a job in the Big City).

But lovely brick red jacket here, no? Not quite ideal for work with all that cleavage, maybe.

And as I've been on a building spree, I even made a brick red one of these (and it's FREE, see below).

No, the one on the right is dark cherry. Hold on a bit for the free one (see below). But the flower pot? Texture change, also 1L. As are the books. Find them out at the NEW Vent du Sud 'NEW' area right here (have a cookie, Ari - getting on with new signs and LMs and stuff).

More of the jacket (I love it). And cart coming soon but I am all textured and pose-inserted and notecarded out for today.

But here's the FREE brick red corner cabinet (useful for, um, corners).  1L and 1 prim, and superb sculpt (bravo to the maker, whose work is stunning).

What, no snappy prose today? Nope. I have to read stuff and pack stuff and get on a train. And dig out  heels. So peace on the blog front for a couple of days ;)

Hair: Argrace Modern Rail. Still my favourite short hair
Jacket: Tourist jacket
Jeans: Mon Tissu
Belt: Maitreya
Shoes: Lazies by Kookie (they look so COMFY. Heels tomorrow RL... ew... sorry where was I?)
Earrings: VG republic (sadly no longer around but hey, also similar RL ones I like)
Cabinets (not available in yard sales): Vent du Sud


Anichka Savira said...

That is a fantastic jacket and it could totally be work appropriate. The tank underneath, maybe no, but the jacket would work.

Mayala Loon said...

you look pretty awesome in that outfit ;-)

Nicandra Laval said...

ooooh so sweet your jacket... i want it... and the poses so good... well done , greetings Nic