Thursday, 8 September 2011

Twice in one day: marketplace packs for 6L

I know, I know. Two posts in a day (rare, very rare), but as I got ahead with a job (also rare), indulge me?

The idea this time is to get you, dear reader, to check out my stuff on the marketplace as I've been busy putting decor into 6L packs, like this one above, the Smoothie living room). Yes, all of it for 6L.

Lots of poses and texture changes (only some shown here), which you can of course test at the Vent du Sud mainstore and buy separately for the usual price of 1L. 

Smoothie patio set too, the whole set for 6L, also on the marketplace or at Vent du Sud separately. Also colour change, poses, etc.

And see the top photo? I discovered a little graphics programme called Photoscape which lets you do composite photos really easily (link included as I'm the helpful sort). Yes, yes, I am sure you can do it on Photoshop too but hey, I understand it on Photoscape.

I also have a TON of new stuff up on my platform waiting to be finished, put out, and photographed but I also need to make a living... but it will happen as soon as I can take a break from grappling with another 10,000 words to line up.

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