Thursday, 8 September 2011

Firebrick, (colour challenge) and making my daughter cry

The first time my daughter came home from kindergarten and saw me in a work suit with  heels and makeup, she cried. 


I was "not her mummy". Mummy wore jeans and occasionally went out in the evening looking slightly more respectable but... not in the daytime. Oh no.

The first time our neighbour here in France saw me as I got back from a job in the big city and not wearing my usual attire, he didn't say anything.

But the expression on his face did (think rural around here: dressing up is clean jeans).

Uh-huh. Basically, I am the scruffy casual type. I work at home. But I do like getting out the heels and warpaint at times too.

Yes, it's a "disguise" of sorts. It gives me a little confidence.

It helps me fit in with the environment I sometimes work in, which can be rather formal.

(Mostly, I should add, that means men in suits. Who would probably be far happier in jeans).

So, I decided to dig out some sort of classy businesslike outfit in SL to see how it felt.

Dammit, I even found a HANDBAG (which would be a purse to you people across the Pond). Look!

And then went out to check a couple of things at Vent du Sud, such as *cough* the Very Useful List of Landmarks you can get from the square and visit the builds.

And why this is a plug, yes.

But being all smart did actually made me feel efficient.

Did some marketplace listings*, uploaded a couple of textures while I was at it (all while still wearing the handbag, of course). Even put a few poses into some new stuff.

Met a friend, too.

"Gosh," he said; "VERY smart today".

Was he looking at the neckline, which might possibly be a bit more daring than I'd go for with my men-in-suits?

Whatever it was, I felt good. Which is never a bad thing, right? 

I may even do it again.

Then I decided it was time for bed, but one last look at the sea (OK, OK, excuse for "LOOK AT ME shot" but at least it's not another Vent du Sud plug about 1L decor).  Would I do that?

* Post coming up about more sets of stuff (as in 6-piece sets for a massive 6L) on the marketplace.

Top by GryphonWings (do they still exist? Nice, nice top)
Pleated skirt Baiastice (the best, flowiest, smartest black skirt I found in over 4 years. Walks beautifully)
Hair (Summer)
Earrings Earthstones (sadly closed)
Bag Orta (group gift, and I think the ONLY one I have except for newbie inventory ones)
Shoes Talyna by Enkythings at Vent du Sud and perfect, gorgeous, brick red *hint*

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Anichka Savira said...

I'm also a t-shirt and jeans kinda girl, comfort is paramount. But I must say you clean up good. Beautiful office attire!