Sunday, 25 September 2011

Khaki. Go away world. Mistakes.

Khaki makes me think of safaris or hiking in deserts (or pottering around Vent du Sud in a vaguely Lara-Croftish sort of way).

I mean you don't have a khaki evening dress, do you? You'd have it in 'moon beige' or 'pale crème brûlée' or something.

(How profound, Ari).

Anyway, khaki came up when I was in one of those 'go away world' moods.

(It hasn't. It's still there).

Digging around for something suitable, I stumbled on this superb T-shirt that says 'Wise girl profits by her mistakes.

Interesting, if a little preachy. 

But it did get me thinking (but not so much that I forgot to take a photo without the sweater and belt hiding it).

However, as a fashion blog is most definitely not the place for wailing and beating breasts and existential rambling, let's cut all that short right here.

Yes, I make mistakes. Of course I do.

I sometimes admit to them.

And sometimes I don't, let alone profit from them. And I go off doing the 'go away, world' thing.

Meaning mooching around and thinking instead of building, socialising or exploring.

However, as mooching doesn't get me anywhere, I'm ready to rumble again.

Off to make more mistakes, no doubt.

No, this is not cryptic. It's just me thinking too much. I do that.

Have another photo and be warned that I shall be back to plugging Vent du Sud forthwith.

Hair Melody, Elikatira
Earrings Ahi, Miel
T-shirt from BareRose Snow Smile outfit
Belt and sweater Coco designs
Shorts Gisaci 
Socks freebie from somewhere
Shoes Lazies in Desert, Kookie


Alexandra said...

love your musings, thinkings and small-talkings.

Laura18 Streeter said...

The outfit is great! Better than any crème brulée... LOL
And I know exactly where you're coming from... world needs to take a break for a while at times

Say hi to the kitty for me!


Anichka Savira said...

That is a great look, the jacket and belt make it. Very cute. I hope you feel better soon. And I hope your shirt is right and you start profiting from those mistakes!

Plasma Engineer said...

"No, this is not cryptic. It's just me thinking too much. I do that."

No! Really?

You know we all love you though, don't you? :)

Eliza said...

You look great--startlingly like Lara Croft! All the best....

Nissa Nightfire said...

you know... I love reading your blog posts... always :)

business voip services said...

love your musings, thinkings and small-talkings.