Friday, 9 September 2011

Liars, soapboxes, spluttery tantrums and a very special freebie

Yesterday, a rather infamous person on SL decided to state on a certain forum that I hadn't put anything new out at Vent du Sud for "months and months".


So I decided the only way to handle that was a little humour.

So I got building (as I often do, as this blog rather tends to prove).

And I made something that involves spluttering, scowling, foot stamping and general arm waving.

I give you the Tantrum Soapbox, named after the source of inspiration. And free.

... And I do wish I knew how to film in SL because it deserves it.  Not easy to capture on photos, but I tried.

LOTS of foot stamping and scowling and thrashing around. And much hilarity as we tried it out.

So do come and try it for yourself and pick up your (did I say FREE) one right on the Vent du Sud square, by the subscribo (3 prims, mod/copy). You can, of course, donate if you like *cough* but only if you find it suitably cathartic.

(For info, the delightful person involved is (gasp) even going to remove my furniture from her office because I laughed at her (how devastating), so perhaps she could replace it with this? Would probably be more useful). 

See that scowl? Heh.

Should I send her a copy?

(Note: the anims are full perm and from an extremely valuable and legal source that is, I believe, no longer around on the Marketplace but... fantastic. Read more here)

1 comment:

Anichka Savira said...

Ha! I love this, those animations are great. I think I need this for when I go on my own ranty postings.

Seriously though complaining about how much inventory someone puts out is kinda pitiful. Especially so when the inventory in question is such an absolute steal, what a silly lady.