Monday, 12 September 2011

A little helpful advice, Monday laugh, and how to identify a windmill

For the delightful person who decided to trash me and Vent du Sud because I dared to call you out on some spluttering* (and who considers herself to be some sort of journalist / Voice of Reason)

First, thank you. For the publicity (that is, supposing anybody reads your blog to select decor and builds).

Second, trashing me is fine. Trashing Vent du Sud is fine. Free speech is fine. But, um... getting facts right sort of helps if you want to be taken seriously.

First, this is not a windmill. Hint: large beam of light, lack of sails. But never mind.

This is not a French farmhouse (whether you hate the roof textures and the angles is your business, I agree but really, these things do have names...

THIS is a French farmhouse). Not that I would know about that as I only live in rural France.

And while we're at it, the particle effects are not made by me so try checking 'creator'?

This, below is not (even faux-) Middle Eastern style and nor is anything else on the sim (but hey, you probably don't know the difference). Hint - they have flat roofs there, not tiles, and stuff like domes and keyhole arches and, y'know, oriental stuff? I did, however, make a Moroccan lamp in 2007. It was crap.

(And as an aside I don't do Fifty Linden Fridays because my houses are 50L all the time). Fail again.

If this is poorly textured, you may want to think about a new graphics card? Also it is not new, but I think about a year old. Full marks for observation. It is 6L for the set (pluggity plug) here.

And last but not least, if you have spent "thousands" at my place, not under your main avatar you haven't. And that is one hell of a lot of 1L items. Or even if it was over a year ago when things were (a little) more expensive, furnishing your office with stuff from Vent du Sud can't have cost you more than a couple of hundred.

Except I don't do office furniture. But hey... maybe you were into 'faux Middle East', or thought you were.

I make nothing new, you say, but you don't read my blog (because the feed you read it on no longer exists, fair enough). Uh-huh. Your journalistic research clearly didn't stretch that far or you would have seen the releases. And I don't think you are on the groups I advertise on, either, but there I could be wrong and admit freely I am not going to go and look.

But once again, thank you. You are a superb advertisement for lousy journalistic accuracy.

And you made me laugh on a Monday! 

So, unless you, dear reader, want Middle Eastern or windmills, please do drop into Vent du Sud. Which, by the way, means 'Wind from the South'. The South of France (again, the language might just be a hint)

*No, I am not advertising your blog. And there will be no Second Thoughts about that ;)


SunShine said...

SRSLY?? Vent du Sud got a review from the infamous (yet oddly worthless) Prok???

Wow. Welcome to the FIC.


It sure did!

Well, not a review no. I dared call her on twisting somebody's words on a forum and she went off on a HUGE rant about me (continued on her blog as she was banned from saidforum).

Sadly, facts tended not to be a major feature of what she ranted about. She is SO FUNNY. Sad funny, but funny.

And me? FIC? Hell no that would be the last thing I wanted. Just leave me to my greenhouses and garden benches (post delayed because I just had to share the funneh).

Ossian said...

Too bad you couldn't work "tilting at lighthouses" in there somehow. ~laughs~