Friday, 16 September 2011

Get off my lawn. And special offer. And bronze.

No, you can't cut straight to the offer and yes, 99.999% of you are most welcome on my lawn.

But bear with me (go on, you know you want to) for I bring you BRONZE and a chance encounter also. 

So there I was, digging for something bronze and finding something perfect. Quick twirl for it is all floofy (credits later too).

Yep, delightfully floofy. Floofy is not a word? Should be.

But who goes there? A visitor?

Why, a chatty person who is  looking for windmills and my Middle Eastern sim.

Uh-huh. Trying to be funny, are we?

Nope, not an onion dome in sight.

Nor a host of belly dancers. Oh, that's sarcastic? Bad me.

I am nasty? Y'know, it's been that sort of week. And no, you can't rezz things here but nice try (or were you just pointing at the ground?).

Maybe it's time you left.

Right now.

Seriously, you are making me angry. And this is not a good thing.

Take yourself home or I will do it for you.

And no, I am not confessing I can't even remember where to find the eject button.**

Phew. Left of his own accord (I am terrifying, right?).

Now where was I?

Ah yes, putting this out. It is not a windmill but a (cliché? kitschy? you decide) wooden cabin.

And there is a smaller version beside it but I think there are enough photos for now, yes?


So try to imagine this only smaller, and both with windows on opaque? You can do it.

Or you can come see. I promise not to eject you unless you mention windmills. Or belly dancers.

But should you have got this far, here goes the offer.

Until I get up on Sunday* - 25L only. 20 prims, mod / copy at Vent du Sud, right here.  
Then it goes up to a massive 50L.

Hair: Bella, I love Olive
Dress: AlaFolie hunt gift (her dresses move beautifully and are superb quality, despite normally being way over my cheapskate budget, but those I have, I adore). 
Shoes: should I have not cut off my legs, Talyna by Enkythings at Vent du Sud, amber (perfect match).

*Europe time, and usually around 7 (I know, I know, but the cats don't recognise the concept of weekends)
** I have found the eject button. Go me.

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Anichka Savira said...

I love your bronze, that dress is to die for. The poofy slip enderneathe is perfection.